Joy In Unexpected Places

Nancy Hance

December 9, 2018

Pastor Fernando brings a thought-provoking message about finding joy in unexpected places. Discover the true meaning of joy in the midst of this holiday season, and how it is different…

Divine Rest

Nancy Hance

November 11, 2018

Pastor Fernando’s sermon of the week was on Divine Rest. We live in a culture where we never disconnect, but there is a promise for rest that we all need…

Keys To the Future – 50th Anniversary Celebration

Nancy Hance

November 4, 2018

This Sunday, we celebrated and honored 50 years of God’s movement at Encourager Church with past and present founders and members. Pastor Fernando brought a message about King David and…

Tipping Point of a Nation

Nancy Hance

October 28, 2018

As a nation, we are on the verge of a tipping point, and we need to rise above all the chaos to say: “God what can I do?” We tend…

War and the Promise of Victory

Nancy Hance

October 21, 2018

Pastor Fernando gives an inspiring word on "War and the Promise of Victory." God speaks to us through dreams, visions, and His Word, and we need to take procession of…

Loyalty Without Love

Nancy Hance

October 14, 2018

Pastor Fernando’s sermon, Loyalty Without Love, gives everyone pause to think.  Sometimes we become so focused on our mission from God, that we forget His heart in the process. We…

Violence In Breakthrough

Nancy Hance

October 7, 2018

Pastor Fernando’s sermon was a call to stand and bring Heaven to earth! Do we choose the softer more comfortable life or do we get involved and ask God what…

Warriors and the Kingdom

Nancy Hance

September 23, 2018

The enemy wants to create a mindset through our thoughts that lead us down the path to defeat. Learn about the three tools he uses to gain access to our…

Dreams & Visions

Nancy Hance

September 9, 2018

The Bible is full of examples of God speaking through dreams and visions. This week’s sermon expounds on the importance of hearing God in this way. It is time to…

Healing the Spirit, Soul, and Body


September 2, 2018

In this week's encouraging message, Pastor Fernando shares a powerful word about finding healing from past hurts and wounds. God desires that all of His children experience the wholeness and…