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Church means more than sitting in a pew – we are called to affect positive, life-giving, influence in every area of culture and the world.

We are an International Church

Nationalities Represented at Encourager

Countries Actively Served by Encourager
Argentina | Brazil | China | Cuba | Germany | Honduras | Israel | Mexico | Nicaragua | Uganda | Zimbabwe

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We have the unique opportunity to live in the most diverse city in the country, Houston. The world is at our doorstep. It’s no accident that you are here, so we want to help you serve and reach the culture of this city and the surrounding communities with the transformational power of God’s Love. Fill out the simple form below and we will connect you to opportunities to serve both in the church and the community.

Our Ministry Partners

No church or ministry should be an island. That’s why we partner with other ministries to reach culture and the world. Together with God and with each other, we can bring the truth of His Love to the lost, hurt, and broken. Check out just some of the exciting work that our partners are doing.

Bethel Church

Global Awakening