The Author of Life

Nancy Hance

April 28, 2019

Pastor Fernando’s sermon of the week was a compelling one. With so much happening in the world, it is easy to lose our perspective and withdraw from the conflict for…

No Other King – Easter 2019

Nancy Hance

April 21, 2019

In this special Easter message, Pastor Fernando helps us see the importance of this season in a different light. We gain so much from Jesus' sacrifice and resurrection, but what…

Empowered By the Prophetic

Nancy Hance

January 13, 2019

This week, Pastor Angie delivers an inspiring sermon on the prophetic. We must learn to hold on to the words and promises we receive and not let go. We are…

Embracing 2019 and Its Promises

Nancy Hance

January 6, 2019

Pastor Fernando gives a powerful word for the new year: Embracing Our Promises. Using the example of Abraham, he shows us how to see God as more significant than our…

Joy In Unexpected Places

Nancy Hance

December 9, 2018

Pastor Fernando brings a thought-provoking message about finding joy in unexpected places. Discover the true meaning of joy in the midst of this holiday season, and how it is different…

Special Guest – Wendy Walters

Nancy Hance

September 30, 2018

Our guest, Wendy Walters, brought an excellent word about getting back to the basics: love God and love people! It is a season to pay attention to the fundamentals and…

Miracles in the Night

Nancy Hance

August 12, 2018

Pastor Fernando gives a fresh word on the miracles that happen in our night seasons. God wants to train us to see His wonders in the midst of all the…

The Journey Of A Nation

Nancy Hance

June 3, 2018

This week, Pastor Fernando speaks on The Journey of a Nation, showing how God took Israel out of Egypt to bring them into the promised land. The process is the…