Empowered By the Prophetic

Nancy Hance

January 13, 2019

This week, Pastor Angie delivers an inspiring sermon on the prophetic. We must learn to hold on to the words and promises we receive and not let go. We are…

Keys To the Future – 50th Anniversary Celebration

Nancy Hance

November 4, 2018

This Sunday, we celebrated and honored 50 years of God’s movement at Encourager Church with past and present founders and members. Pastor Fernando brought a message about King David and…

The Spirit of Generosity

Nancy Hance

July 22, 2018

What is your view of God? Pastor Fernando continues his series, Contagious Generosity, showing us that sometimes we equate God’s generosity with what we are personally receiving. If we are…

The Sculptress of Souls

Nancy Hance

May 13, 2018

Angie Ruata gives an inspiring word about the incredible legacy that mothers can give to their children. Taking us through Proverbs 31, she shows us that molding the hearts and…

Carriers of Promise

Nancy Hance

January 28, 2018

Rita Springer gives a very encouraging word to everyone about our heart connection with the Father. He is not after our skill; He is after our heart. We may have…

Fathers Blessing the Next Generation

Nancy Hance

June 18, 2017

In this week’s sermon, Pastor Fernando shows the importance of fathers blessing the next generation. Abraham received a promise that took many years to see fulfilled. He waited, even making…

Stewardship Of Wealth

Nancy Hance

How do you come into alignment with the Covenant of God? Pastor Fernando shares more on Our Glorious Inheritance. God wants to restore missed opportunities in our lives. It is…


Nancy Hance

April 30, 2017

Pastor Fernando continues his series, "Our Glorious Inheritance," as he shares from the parable of the talents and the life of David giving an inspiring word on stewardship. If we…

Kings and Prophets

Nancy Hance

January 29, 2017

Pastor Fernando delivers a powerful message revolving around the lives of Hannah, David, and Samuel. Is the situation around you an irritation or cause of pain? Are you a parent and your…