Courage for the Conquest

Fernando Ruata Devotional

“Only do not rebel against the LORD. And do not fear the people of the land, for they are bread for us. Their protection is removed from them, and the LORD is with us; do not fear them.” Numbers 14:9

The book of Joshua describes Israel’s journey from the wilderness to the Promised Land. While in captivity in Egypt, a mindset formed that kept the Israelites from seeing all the good that God intended. This attitude followed them to the wilderness, and many kept looking back to Egypt as their source. The process caused them to become victims of unbelief (1 Cor. 10:1-11).

In this story, two men stand out — Joshua and Caleb. Caleb, in particular, developed a different attitude which enabled him to see beyond the giants of the land. When first exploring Canaan, he describes the giants as if they were food (Numbers 14:9). This may seem like an odd way to describe a problem, but you see, Caleb viewed these objects of terror and fear as God’s instruments to strengthen him while allowing him to be to able to possess the land flowing with milk and honey — God’s promise.

Once the tribes of Israel had conquered many cities in Canaan, Caleb at the age of 85, comes to Joshua ready to claim his portion of the Promised Land. Now in our current time, 85 might seem well past the age of retirement, but not so for Caleb who desired to conquer Mount Hebron. This courageous man had waited 45 years to face Anakim, the greatest giant in the land. Why did he have this attitude? He had a different spirit and mindset from the others (Numbers 14:24).

Our story is relevant today because, like Caleb, we must rise and conquer the battleground that God has placed before us. Just as Caleb saw the giants of the land as prey, we too must see our obstacles as opportunities from God. Caleb inherited his mountain, Hebron, which means fellowship. We must be courageous like Caleb and destroy the giants that block us from divine fellowship. Don’t allow the mindset of the world to limit you, instead ask God to guide you into your full destiny.

Are you ready? Do you have courage? Let’s conquer our giants!


Father, help me to see the giants in my life through your perspective and to trust in you. May I be as bold as Caleb was in the face of seemingly impossible situations. Thank you for always making a way and for the call you have for my life. Amen!

About Fernando Ruata

Pastor Fernando Ruata currently serves as the senior pastor of Encourager. He carries a strong message of being a church family that is unified, empowered, and raised up into the fullness and maturity of Christ. He and his wife, Angie, have been on staff since 2004.