Living in Divine Peace

Angie Ruata Devotional

And the peace of God, which passes all comprehension, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7 NASB

By comparison, there’s nothing so peaceful as a sleeping baby nestled warmly in his mother’s arms. An infants sleep is so heavenly that the world outside could be utterly falling apart and yet he will remain snuggled deep in his blissful slumber. True peace is being able to let go of the chaos that we cannot control and rest in the embrace of the One who can.

How do we walk in this divine peace? Paul instructs us how to in Phil 4:6 when he encourages us NOT to be anxious about anything, but instead; rejoice with prayer and thanksgiving and then something, something unexplainable will take place – God’s peace will surround you and a guard will go up around your heart and mind. It will buffet any attack from the enemy regarding your decision to trust in Gods perfect peace. This guard is your front line of defense; this guard is – the embrace of God our Father!

Self-reflection to obtain His peace:

  • Have I rejoiced over my petition to God, knowing that He can answer?
  • Have I anticipated and noticed that heavenly guard come up and around my life?

What we will experience is a divine exchange of God’s peace for our trust; our trust that He is able to handle our problems.

A Prayer:

Father God, today I choose to trust your Word. I lift up my heart in prayer, and I rejoice with thankfulness over Your answer to my situation. I know that your peace will shield me from the enemies arrows of doubt, unbelief, fear, and dread. Surround me now with your perfect peace. I trust in You.  Amen!