What Is Your Name?

Nancy Hance

May 23, 2021

Pastor Benjamin's sermon was on deliverance: getting free so that you can be everything God has made you to be.

Salt In The Well

Nancy Hance

January 24, 2021

Benjamin Summers brings a timely word: Salting the Well. God wants to salt the well of our mouths and give us the grace to change the poisoned waters and the…

Level Up

Nancy Hance

November 8, 2020

Benjamin Summers brings a powerful word about our response when going through difficult things. Are we focused on the hard thing we are dealing with, or what God is doing…

Resurrection Purpose

Nancy Hance

September 20, 2020

Benjamin Summers gave an excellent word on God's purpose. God had a goal and plan for His creation before He created this world and his people. It is time to…

Don’t Uproot The Mustard

Nancy Hance

July 5, 2020

Benjamin Summers gave a timely word about our mustard seed faith and being careful not to uproot it. We need to learn to think as God does and use the…

The Secret Place

Nancy Hance

March 1, 2020

Taking examples from scripture, Benjamin Summers presents a beautiful message about the 'secret place,' where we will find friendship, intimacy, and counsel with our Heavenly Father. You will discover how…

Peace & Wonder


December 22, 2019

In this week's sermon, Pastor Benjamin Summers reminds us that during this Christmas season we are all carriers of God's peace and wonder to the world. God calls each of…

The Prodigal Father

Nancy Hance

September 22, 2019

Benjamin Summers brought a timely word on Sunday: The Prodigal Father. He used parables and stories to illustrate the incredible Love of God. There is kindness and care that flow…

Wrestling for the Blessing

Nancy Hance

June 16, 2019

Wrestling for the Blessing is a very encouraging word from Benjamin Summers. Using the life of Jacob, we learn three things that will help us stand for the blessings God…