A Blessed Life Even the World Sees

Nancy Hance

February 28, 2021

Pastor Fernando brings a timely word about living a blessed life even during trials and difficult circumstances as Abraham and the disciples show us in the Bible. Our lives should…

Dig Up Those Wells – Our Inheritance

Nancy Hance

February 21, 2021

Pastor Fernando brings an important word about digging up the old wells. As Abraham did, we also need to open the old wells and fight for the next generation. The…

The Fear Of God – Door to Miracles

Nancy Hance

February 7, 2021

Pastor Fernando brings a powerful word on what the fear of God is and how it can open the door to miracles if we don't allow the fear of circumstances…

Thriving in a Culture of Decline

Nancy Hance

January 31, 2021

In this sermon, Pastor Fernando states that God can still do miracles in 2021. Even in difficult times, God's glory and light are still here. He needs the church to…

Triumphant Living in a PC Culture

Nancy Hance

January 17, 2021

Pastor Fernando brings a powerful word about how we can live a triumphant life in a PC culture. We have been wired for the time we live in. No matter…

Days of Redemption and the Harvest

Nancy Hance

January 10, 2021

Pastor Fernando brings a timely word showing us things are not always what they seem. God has us here at this time, and we have to learn to discern the…

Brought Out With A New Perspective

Nancy Hance

January 3, 2021

Pastor Fernando brings a timely word for the new year. Learn the five things you can do in 2021 as you find God's way of seeing things.

Creating An Atmosphere of Change

Nancy Hance

December 6, 2020

What an empowering word from Pastor Fernando, reminding us to find a new place of worship when we face difficult situations, rather than entering the pit of depression or hopelessness.

Living With Uncertainty

Nancy Hance

November 29, 2020

Pastor Fernando's message is powerful in our current times. How do we build on solid ground during the storms life brings? Learn four tools that will help us to hear…

Steady In A Shifting Culture

Nancy Hance

November 15, 2020

Pastor Fernando brings a powerful word about how we should function as Christians with all of the stresses and problems in a continually changing culture and not wear down or…