Identifying Fear

Nancy Hance

November 14, 2021

What are we driven by: Love or Fear? Pastor Johnny brings a needed word about how fear shows up in our lives. Learn the signs and effects of anxiety and…

Decisions Made Out of Identity


October 24, 2021

There is an onslaught of attacks on our identity these days, and the enemy speaks lies to us about who we are. Pastor Johnny’s sermon shows we must understand and…

Unbelievable Faith

Nancy Hance

April 11, 2021

Pastor Johnny brings a powerful word showing our vision for our lives must come from faith. It is not enough to just believe God exists...He wants us to believe He…

Favor… Is It Fair?

Nancy Hance

September 6, 2020

Pastor Johnny brings an excellent word on the favor of the Lord. Learn what favor it is, what God designed for, and how we can either miss it or receive…

Jesus Our Shalom

Nancy Hance

December 15, 2019

Pastor Johnny brings a timely word on peace for all. Jesus came in human form as a baby to bring peace to the world. His peace comes in the tumultuous…

Secret World


September 16, 2018

We all have dreams that God has placed in us. Pastor Johnny brings a powerful word showing how we are supposed to be the mouthpiece of God on the earth…

The Loving Father

Nancy Hance

June 17, 2018

Using the Parable of the prodigal son, Pastor Johnny gives a message to everyone about the Loving Father. No matter what our experience has been with or without our natural…