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Benjamin Summers gave a timely word about our mustard seed faith and being careful not to uproot it. We need to learn to think as God does and use the…
Pastor Fernando brings a powerful word encouraging us to ask the question: How do we bring Jesus to the current chaotic situation while staying focused on "God's Narrative?" Finding the…

The Survival Of A Nation

June 21, 2020
Our Sermon of the week is a thought-provoking sermon from Pastor Fernando showing how we can find peace in conflict and become an answer for others. Enjoy the broadcast.

Watch Your Step

June 14, 2020
Pastor Angie gives a powerful word warning us to 'Watch Your Step.' Are we responding with compulsion or compassion? Enjoy the broadcast!
Enjoy an encouraging word from Pastor Fernando, showing how we can make a difference in this challenging season as we bring light and hope to the world.
A powerful word from Pastor Fernando about the new season that is here. If we embrace it, pursue his presence and revelation, we can become a light to the hurting…

A Remnant Remains

May 24, 2020
A message from our Pastor J. Fernandez. We hope you enjoy this broadcast.

Tale Of Two Promises

May 17, 2020

Life in the Desert

May 10, 2020
Pastor Fernando shared a fantastic word, Life In The Desert, about the coming out process from those difficult seasons. What a great encouragement for our first day back in the…
God has the answers to what you are going through, and he wants to release His understanding to you and me. We need to learn to hear His voice and…
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