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Special Guest: Ben Hughes

October 10, 2021
Special Guest, Ben Hughes, shared his powerful testimony and a message showing God's transforming power in our lives; and how He makes all things beautiful in His time. It is…

The Beauty Of Ashes

October 4, 2021
How can God turn your ashes into beauty? Pastor Fernando brings an important message for everyone on this subject. There is nothing in our life that God can't set us…
Pastor Fernando brings a powerful word: He Is God Even In The Vally. He is with us always, in the mountain experiences and the valleys. Learn the God things he…

Prepare The Way Of The Lord

September 19, 2021
Benjamin Summers brings a timely word this week: Prepare the Way of the Lord. God wants heaven to invade earth. Are there sins to repent of? Are there changes to…

The 3 Stages of Your Battle

September 12, 2021
Pastor Fernando gives a powerful word about the three stages in the battle. We must learn not to allow fear to paralyze us. The struggle is not about us; it's…

The Power of Letting Go

September 5, 2021
Our perspective of life can be our prison or our passport to the future. We have to look for God's perspective on the situation. Pastor Fernando brings a timely word…
Pastor Fernando brings a powerful word: Remember Who You Are No Matter what. God wants us to have an abundant life, and He watches over us all the time and…

Dare To Hope

August 22, 2021
Pastor Abe brings a beautiful word on HOPE...HOPE from above is available to us all regardless of circumstances. Will you dare to hope?

Contrast Between 2 Houses

August 18, 2021

Faith Makes Me Stand Boldly

August 10, 2021

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