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Steady In A Shifting Culture

November 15, 2020
Pastor Fernando brings a powerful word about how we should function as Christians with all of the stresses and problems in a continually changing culture and not wear down or…

Level Up

November 8, 2020
Benjamin Summers brings a powerful word about our response when going through difficult things. Are we focused on the hard thing we are dealing with, or what God is doing…

Your Vote Matters

November 1, 2020
Pastor Fernando gives a timely word on the importance of your vote.

He Will Bring Us Safely

October 25, 2020
Pastor Fernando's sermon, He Will Bring Us Safely, is significant in our current season; everyone needs to hear it. The way you manage the storms or the process determines the…
Pastor Fernando brings an incredible word on using the authority we have in Jesus to confront the places where the enemy is trying to creep illegally in lives and our…
Jennifer Eivaz brings a vital word about really knowing God. Learn the five dimensions in which we experience and understand who God is and what will happen if we know…

Spheres Of Influence

October 4, 2020
Pastor Fernando brings a timely word: Spheres of Influence. Ask yourself if God is after the nations, then what is our role in our nation? God still rules and reigns…

Destabilizing the Nations

September 27, 2020
Pastor Fernando brings an excellent word: Destabilizing The Nations. When everything seems unstable in the world, we as the church can bring stability if we don't allow the enemy to…

Resurrection Purpose

September 20, 2020
Benjamin Summers gave an excellent word on God's purpose. God had a goal and plan for His creation before He created this world and his people. It is time to…
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