Aware Of It But Not Influenced By It

Nancy Hance

June 13, 2021

Pastor Fernando's word shows us we have to settle in our heart: Does Jesus have all power and authority or not. Was the devil defeated at the cross? We are…

The Revealing Of The Sons Of God

Nancy Hance

June 6, 2021

Pastor Gabi brings an important word: the Revealing of the Sons of God. We must learn how to not allow circumstances to dictate whether we live in freedom and peace.…

Are we There Yet?

Nancy Hance

May 30, 2021

Pastor Fernando brings a timely word on not giving up on your are on the edge of receiving the fulfillment. We can't let what we see and feel have…

What Is Your Name?

Nancy Hance

May 23, 2021

Pastor Benjamin's sermon was on deliverance: getting free so that you can be everything God has made you to be.

Her Legacy Connection Points

Nancy Hance

May 9, 2021

Pastor Angie brings a beautiful message on Mothers Day about the legacy mothers can have with both natural and spiritual children as they speak into their lives while helping shape…