The Heart and Money
October 29, 2023

The Heart and Money

Passage: Deuteronomy 6:19-24, 8:11-19, Matthew 6:19-24, 1 Timothy 6:9-19

On Sunday, Pastor Fernando delivered a powerful sermon on the relationship between the heart and money. He used the story of Deuteronomy's Wilderness to illustrate how it was a culture of miracles that served as a training ground for possessing the land. The people working on the land had to be mindful of the gods of the land. Whether experiencing lack or abundance, both can cause fear. Pastor Fernando emphasized that God wants us to trust Him in both lack and abundance as long as we love Him, obey His commands, and hold fast to Him. If we give our hearts to God, our circumstances in life will be alright, and we will be able to bless others and help the next generation.