Unbelievable Faith

Nancy Hance

April 11, 2021

Pastor Johnny brings a powerful word showing our vision for our lives must come from faith. It is not enough to just believe God exists...He wants us to believe He…

The End Of The Matter

Nancy Hance

September 13, 2020

Sunday's sermon, The End Of the Matter, from Pastor Fernando, was timely and thought-provoking. You will learn the three questions you must settle in your heart to focus on the…

Seasons of Waiting

Nancy Hance

September 8, 2019

In this powerful message, Pastor Fernando asks the question: "When Jesus returns will He find our hearts full of faith, or will we have allowed circumstances to stop us from…

The Works of the Kingdom

Nancy Hance

July 28, 2019

Pastor Fernando's sermon this week was powerful! God planned our destiny before our creation. Our salvation comes through His grace as a gift, but for a purpose, and this purpose…

Growing In Discernment

Nancy Hance

Pastor Fernando's sermon, Growing in Discernment, gives us a lot to consider in our spiritual walk. Do we understand what God is doing today? We can't allow the battles we…

Embracing 2019 and Its Promises

Nancy Hance

January 6, 2019

Pastor Fernando gives a powerful word for the new year: Embracing Our Promises. Using the example of Abraham, he shows us how to see God as more significant than our…

Movin’ On

Nancy Hance

November 25, 2018

Special guest speaker, George Arzymanow, gives a powerful word about, "Movin' On." Growth comes through change, and in this message we learn four changes that Jesus introduced to us. We…