Millennial Wisdom & the Future

Nancy Hance

February 23, 2020

Learn access to the hidden secrets of God through intimacy and prayer. He is moving in the younger generation as well, and we need to encourage them as they find…

Life Between Two Realms | Fernando Ruata

Nancy Hance

February 9, 2020

Pastor Fernando gave a powerful word showing how our vision must go beyond today and all of its problems. Our connection with Heaven gives us our purpose on earth.

Something New

Nancy Hance

January 26, 2020

Pastor Abraham gives us a powerful word on looking for something new. It is time for a change. It is time to accept what God has for us. Get up…

The Power of the Gospel

Nancy Hance

September 15, 2019

Pastor Fernando gave a timely word Sunday: The Power of the Gospel. Jesus demonstrated what Heaven could do in a corrupt world. What he did in the past, He can…

Women Who Change the Course of History

Nancy Hance

May 12, 2019

In this special Mother's Day message, Pastor Fernando gives an encouraging message for us all by examining the lives of six women in the Bible who saw the promise of…

The Power of Wisdom & Stewardship


March 24, 2019

In this week's message, Pastor Fernando shares an encouraging word about stewarding the life God has given us. Life is a process where we find His wisdom and learn to…

The Process of Becoming

Nancy Hance

December 16, 2018

Pastor Fernando's sermon this week speaks about the Process of Becoming. Using the example of Peter, we learn how our Father sees the finished product before he even begins with…