Praying For Our Nation

Nancy Hance

July 19, 2020

Tammy Summers sets the church up for corporate prayer for our Nation. It is time for the church to rise and shine, bringing clarity to the situation in our country…

A King’s Desire

Nancy Hance

December 1, 2019

Pastor Fernando's Sunday sermon gave everyone much to reflect on. Regardless of the season in your life, the Father's heart is always for you. We can't allow the conflicts or…

A Glorious Bride

Nancy Hance

November 17, 2019

What a powerful word Pastor Fernando gave about the Glorious Bride. You will learn how to manage new seasons that come your way, not allowing circumstances to keep you from…

The Author of Life

Nancy Hance

April 28, 2019

Pastor Fernando’s sermon of the week was a compelling one. With so much happening in the world, it is easy to lose our perspective and withdraw from the conflict for…

Loyalty Without Love

Nancy Hance

October 14, 2018

Pastor Fernando’s sermon, Loyalty Without Love, gives everyone pause to think.  Sometimes we become so focused on our mission from God, that we forget His heart in the process. We…

Warriors and the Kingdom

Nancy Hance

September 23, 2018

The enemy wants to create a mindset through our thoughts that lead us down the path to defeat. Learn about the three tools he uses to gain access to our…

Train My Hands to Battle

Nancy Hance

June 24, 2018

Do you ever feel like just when you have an incredible experience with God, something terrible happens? This week’s sermon by Pastor Fernando show’s three ways the enemy tries to…

Traits That God Sees in You

Nancy Hance

May 6, 2018

Pastor Fernando delivers another powerful message in the, “I Think” Series:  The Traits that God Sees in Us. Typically we ask ourselves, "What we can do for God?" The real…

The Splendor of the Battle

Nancy Hance

April 29, 2018

In this week's message, Pastor Fernando gives a powerful word about the Splendor of the Battle. The Enemy is waging war with the church, but our Father knows the victory is…