Spirit of Wisdom: The Hidden Life

Nancy Hance

February 16, 2020

It is time to have our spiritual eyes awakened, so we see not through the natural, but with God's eyes. He wants to awaken us to a different world where…

Acts Of Courage

Nancy Hance

September 29, 2019

Have you ever gone through something that you did not understand at the time, but later discovered that situation had prepared you for what you are going through presently? Pastor…

This Is Us: It’s Time To Move

Nancy Hance

September 1, 2019

Pastor Abe gave an excellent sermon Sunday: This Is Us -- It’s Time To Move. In the book of Genesis, God called Abram to leave his life and move to…

The Power of Wisdom & Stewardship


March 24, 2019

In this week's message, Pastor Fernando shares an encouraging word about stewarding the life God has given us. Life is a process where we find His wisdom and learn to…

The Culture of Influence Pt. 3 | Wisdom

Nancy Hance

September 18, 2016

This week Pastor Fernando continues talking about the Culture of Influence and asks the question: What has wisdom been saying to you lately? Learn the power of wisdom and how God wants…

Wisdom, Warfare, and Breakthrough

Nancy Hance

February 14, 2016

Pastor Fernando teaches the principles of finding breakthrough in the midst of a battle by not growing weary and letting the enemy trick us into taking the battle to an…

Administration of Wisdom


February 7, 2016

Pastor Fernando teaches on walking in wisdom, and how we need rule in our lives with the heart of a servant and serve with the heart of a king! God imparts…